Tuesday, 17 February 2015

RIP Brett Ewins

A very sad day for comics and to those who knew him. RIP Brett Ewins, seen here alongside Jamie Hewlett (right) in the original Deadline magazine office, London 1988.

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  1. Such rubbish news about Brett. He was a true original, whose style defined 2000 AD every bit as much as Ezquerra, Bolland or McMahon, instantly distinctive and unique. Bad Company in particular is a timeless classic and reads as well now as it ever did. If it appeared in The Prog tomorrow, it would still look like the grim far future.
    Such a nice guy as well, very friendly and welcoming when I moved in next to the messy, artwork-strewn cubicle that was the Deadline office back in 1988. I always thought of Brett as the Bob Hoskins of comics (a very good thing by the way). We may never see his like again but he won't be forgotten. John T.


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