Sunday, 19 October 2014

Singapore Girls

On another leg of her trip, Manko went to a Sunday flea market for toys and collectables in Singapore and snapped a few custom figurines and weird pop band dolls with Secret Oranges in mind, so, thanks for that - and take it away Manko...

"This is just one shelf at the China Square Central market that attracted my attention. Beautiful detail, cloth costumes, props, I even love how the false eyelashes are sculpted. And I want that naughty nun's tiny bible! Andy of "Toys R Evil" blog was getting nostalgic how collectors used to make outfits for their action figures themselves, DIY props and customise them. These are factory-made but I have no idea who the characters are meant to be, perhaps your blog readers can help?

"This is the collection of dolls/figurines of the Korean girl pop band called Girls' Generation. I loathe manufactured pop so excuse me if I don't look up which video this look came from, but I'm sure it's easy to find."

"I like the realistic sculpt, down to the sculpted/painted eyebags that look quite unflattering in the harsh light of the display cabinet."

(I found a shot from that video! - Steve)

"The last few photos are a bit random. I especially love the Sucker Punch outfit (though the face sculpt doesn't do Emily Browning justice, huh?), and all that tiny sexy lingerie!"

"Joker is a bit out of context I guess, but what an excellent figurine!"

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  1. I think those -eyebags- are to intended to be flattering, fleshy lower eyelids are considered a desirable feature, it's a bit of fashion thing for girls, they even do surgical implants.


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