Monday, 6 October 2014

Live From Japan!

Those intrepid explorers Manko and Jason Atomic are back in Tokyo this month and Manko has very thoughtfully sent through a whole load of shots for this (much ignored for the past month... sorry!) blog! Take it away, Manko!

"We missed the traditional Sunday Harajuku kids dress up due to an insane typhoon rain today, but at a department store I found a big section on vintage train collectables... Or some weird products like socks with built-in spiky massage pads that are supposed to help people lose weight? Completely bonkers fad!"

"Here are the acupressure sock packets, ridiculous really, but a fad in Japan!"

"And this is the train paper section in a 6 floor department store Tokyu Hands, which otherwise sells completely new products, art and craft materials, hence this random collectors section seems completely out of place and yet charming. There are endless scrapbooks of old tickets, train cart menus, etc, with notes scribbled in margins. Jason says that amongst the train paraphernalia I snapped, there are scrapbooks of obento packets sold on platforms and trains. (Packed lunch boxes). Trainspotter heaven!" 

More to follow...

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