Friday, 31 October 2014



My friendly neighbourhood neighbour, Ben Eshmade was lucky enough to get a ticket to the preview of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar yesterday (envy... envy...), so I asked him if he could say a few words about it for Oranges, and this is what he said...

Interstellar is a lot to take in, to absorb, to consider, to understand. At just under three hours and with the whole fate of the human race at stake it's not a film to go and watch on a whim. Visually rich, immersive and constantly inventive, it feels like the film couldn't exist without those that went before in particular 2001, Tarkovsky's Solaris, Alien or even the more recent Gravity. As usual with Nolan it treads the line between arthouse surrealism and thought provoking mainstream shock and wow. I'm not sure I took it all in on the first viewing, but maybe that's the point. It's a love poem to the sixties space race, to the science fiction cinema of the era, and put simply a bold must see film from one of our greatest British filmmakers.

Ben Eshmade
Freelance Audio Producer, Presenter & Writer

Happy Halloween!

Monday, 27 October 2014

This month Ben Eshmade gets immersed in the BFI London Film Festival to get the jump on the best blockbuster and art house cinema for the year ahead; Rachel Williams from The London Word discusses the highs of Ethiopian sci-fi, the lows of Adam Sandler's beard, and the reason everyone is talking about Whiplash. Plus Cigarette Burns Cinema's Josh Saco introduces us to the crazy, sexy and often cannibalistic films that comprise our series The House of Walker. And as we wait impatiently for Christopher Nolan’s new film Interstellar, BEV’s Sonia Zadurian takes us on a journey through his astronomically successful career.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Belle: The Art of Junko Mizuno

Atomica Gallery, in association with Comica Festival, are currently showing “Belle: The Art of Junko Mizuno”, a retrospective solo exhibition from celebrated Japanese artist Junko Mizuno. Bringing together a collection of original paintings, rare limited edition prints, iconic gig silk-screen posters and other works from throughout her esteemed career, “Belle” is the first ever showing of Mizuno’s work in London. I attended the opening night, along with a few of the comics fraternity and took a few shots, I also bought one of Junko's limited edition prints which will soon be on my wall.

Junko Mizuno by Steve Cook

Born in Japan and currently residing in San Francisco, Mizuno is a self-taught artist who is recognized for her unique style of powerful and erotic female imagery. Juxtaposing childlike cuteness and horror, her psychedelic female characters exude positive energy and playful sexuality. Submerged in 70s Japanese cute-culture whilst growing up in Tokyo, Mizuno is also inspired by countless other pop-cult sources including toys, comics, food and music, as well as fetish, folk and religious art.

The evening began with an amusing intro by Jonathan Ross who is a keen advocate of Junko's work.

Manko, Jason Atomic and Junko

Someone was sporting a tattoo of one of Junko's illustrations.

Jessica S Kemp was there too. Check her blog.

Rian Hughes and David Hine.

Vikki Liogier and Jessica S Kemp.

Manko and Junko.

Monday, 20 October 2014

RIP Lynda Bellingham

Lynda Bellingham & Michael Jayston, BBC Broadcasting House, 1986.
Photo: Steve Cook

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Singapore Girls

On another leg of her trip, Manko went to a Sunday flea market for toys and collectables in Singapore and snapped a few custom figurines and weird pop band dolls with Secret Oranges in mind, so, thanks for that - and take it away Manko...

"This is just one shelf at the China Square Central market that attracted my attention. Beautiful detail, cloth costumes, props, I even love how the false eyelashes are sculpted. And I want that naughty nun's tiny bible! Andy of "Toys R Evil" blog was getting nostalgic how collectors used to make outfits for their action figures themselves, DIY props and customise them. These are factory-made but I have no idea who the characters are meant to be, perhaps your blog readers can help?

"This is the collection of dolls/figurines of the Korean girl pop band called Girls' Generation. I loathe manufactured pop so excuse me if I don't look up which video this look came from, but I'm sure it's easy to find."

"I like the realistic sculpt, down to the sculpted/painted eyebags that look quite unflattering in the harsh light of the display cabinet."

(I found a shot from that video! - Steve)

"The last few photos are a bit random. I especially love the Sucker Punch outfit (though the face sculpt doesn't do Emily Browning justice, huh?), and all that tiny sexy lingerie!"

"Joker is a bit out of context I guess, but what an excellent figurine!"

Monday, 13 October 2014

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Super DC

I was just rooting around in some of my old comic boxes and I found this little gem from 1969.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Live From Japan #2

Another message from Manko in Japan... "I was in Harajuku station this evening, and it's mainly a stop for young fashionistas. This billboard comic-style ad caught my eye there. I'm guessing it's for constipation pills aimed at the young female population. It's seriously a story about pooping, featuring a bunny-eared girl and a Bambi familiar. The medicine is called Colac and I am pretty sure it's a laxative. How cute can a laxative ad be???" 

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