Thursday, 19 June 2014

Yet More Shaky News!

Art dude supremo and friend of Oranges, Shaky Kane of Bulletproof Coffin fame and David Quantick, writer on HBO’s award winning Veep are going to be at Gosh! in London, this Saturday to sign copies of their new Image One-Shot, That’s Because You’re A Robot mentioned here just a few days ago. More about that later... but meanwhile there's yet another new Shaky comic on the block and it's called Cap'n Dinosaur (where does he get the time?!?). This one is by Shaky, Kek-W and Comicraft and here are a few images to whet your appetite.

Going down...

As Image states here: An homage to the classic comics, CAP’N DINOSAUR pulls inspiration from mail-order-advertisements found in comic series of the 1950s and 1960s. When a mysterious drowned man falls out of the clear blue sky, The Cap’n and Honey Moon follow a trail which leads them to a deserted amusement park, but what they find will take readers’ breath away in this one-shot issue.

“Half the fun of old comic books were the mail order adverts,” said Kane. “So I figured that if the mail order adverts were to somehow feature in the story itself, well then you'd get the full fun!” 

"Shaky and I are trying to channel a free-wheeling old school spirit—harness the strangeness that used to infect comics back in the late 50s and early 60s,” elaborated Kek-W. “We want to inject some fun back into things. Reality is overrated!"

Now, back to that signing...

The signing will take place on Saturday, the 21st of June, from 2pm to 3pm. “That’s Because You’re A Robot” is due out on the 11th of June and will retail at £2.85. More

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