Sunday, 8 June 2014

An Evening With Sophie Aldred

Last night I finally got a chance to see my Sophie's World exhibition at the Misty Moon Gallery in Ladywell, on the night of An Evening With Sophie Aldred in conjunction with the Time & Space exhibition on the first floor. The gates to the gallery reminded me a bit of the ones in Totter's lane from the first episode of Doctor Who, and when I arrived I was greeted by gallery owners Stuart and Jen Morriss who'd done a really great job of hanging the show. Sophie had just arrived too, and the venue was already packed with guests waiting to see her being interviewed by Cliff Chapman, which began shortly after a screening of a couple of Doctor Who episodes.

Cliff Chapman interviewing Sophie, who told some really great anecdotes and kept the audience enthralled for the duration.

A screening of The Curse of Fenric episodes 3 & 4. I don't think I'd seen these since 1989, some time after I'd taken photos on set in Crowborough Training Camp in East Sussex.

Sophie wearing her original Ace jacket in front of a triptych I call 'Lights, Camera, Action' (Below).

A grumpy looking Sontaran.

This is Sophie's very own Tardis that she's had for many years and it looks like it's been around the block a bit since I last saw it.

Let Zygons be Zygons...

One of those creepy little Cybermats that freaked me out as a kid and a Cyberman head (Below).

Sophie Aldred Was Here!

The exhibition has now been extended until June 21st and the details can be found on this Link.

UPDATE: A couple of shots from the night by Misty Moon's photographer John Gaffen.
Above: (L-R) Sophie, Stuart Morriss, me. Below: Sophie and I, outside the gallery.


  1. Hi - as an impressionable youth the Judge Dredd megazine Necropolis photo was a favourite, (I had a t-shirt made up from it for a visit to Sophie and everything...)
    I've just come across this and it's amazing to see that photo and the others again. I'm gutted I've found this a year too late for the exhibition are there prints, a book, anything?! Available?
    Fantastic stuff thank you

    1. Thanks, Justin! Apologies for the delay, but I've had things going on recently. Anyway, there may well be prints or a book at some point, if so, I'll let you know.


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