Thursday, 16 January 2014

Garry Leach Signs Miracleman

Garry Leach signing at Orbital Comics yesterday
I remember being completely blown-away by the art of Garry Leach when I first saw Marvelman in Warrior Magazine 30 years ago, in fact if it hadn't been for Garry I may never have ended up working in the comics business at all. In 1983, I was working the West End nightclubs as a freelance photographer and doing graphics and illustration during the day, having just left a completely non-lucrative job in a small advertising agency. As much as I loved photography, comics was my other passion and an avenue that I still hadn't explored, so I looked up the number of Quality, the publishers of Warrior and called them up. Garry was the person I spoke to and surprisingly he invited me to drop by the office and show him my work. I had no sequential art at all, just a few comic style illustrations. He had a look, gave me advice, a lot of encouragement and a couple of discarded Alan Moore scripts; carbon copies they were, one was Marvelman and the other, V for Vendetta. He told me to practice and he also said I should try Marvel UK and see if they had anything going... and that's how I ended up working for Marvel UK. So, Thank you, Garry!

It's well worth reading Rich Johnston's article, Why Miracleman Matters, Thirty Years On, over at Bleeding Cool as well as his (then) live blogging of the event here

Later in the evening Orbital's Chris Thompson presented a fax that had just come through from Will Simpson and here it is in all its glory!

Carbon Copy Scripts

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