Sunday, 3 November 2013

Fables & Fantasies: Mark Buckingham Exhibition at Orbital Comics

Mark gives us a potted history of the pages on the wall

Due to relentless work schedules I've only just had a chance to download these shots from my camera today. These were taken on the opening night of Mark Buckingham's superb exhibition at Orbital Comics Gallery, which incidentally marks their 50th show. Mark has been working on Fables for over 10 years now and the exhibition spans that whole decade of incredible work. Featuring pages from earlier issues, beautiful fully painted covers, right up to pencils from the most recent “Snow White” storyline, and even several pages of pencils and inks from Mark’s recent collaboration with Peter Gross and others on the astounding Fables/The Unwritten crossover. Steve Leialoha, who has inked many of the pages in the show was also there on the night.

There's a second signing on Saturday, November 9th, with Mark and Unwritten creator Mike Carey in attendance, plus an addition of further pages from The Unwritten/Fables. Well worth seeing!

Steve Leialoha
Maria Paz Cabardo, the Director of Better Things: The Life and Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones with Chris Thompson of PopCultureHound.

The serious side of signing books for Michelle and her friend Shannon

The not so serious side of signing books for Michelle and her friend Shannon
Mark signing a few of the pages that he sold on the night
Spotted! by Rian Hughes, Melissa and Kerensa Creswell-Bryant

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