Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Sophie's World - Closing Event

Sophie Aldred with the photograph I named Bid Time Return, as a nod to the novel by Richard Matheson

With the Sophie's World exhibition soon coming to a close, I thought it would be timely to mention that there's to be a special event at Orbital this Saturday 28th September when Sophie will return to sign photographs between 6pm & 7pm, followed by a closing celebration, all of which you can find the details of on our Facebook events page right here. Hope to see you there!

Meanwhile, I thought it was about time to post a few of the photos and the video from the private view that we had at the beginning of the month, which was not only very well attended but also blessed with a visit from a certain Time Lord!

Sylvester takes the tour

Sophie with Sylvester McCoy


 Below: Photographs by Michelle Amir

Sophie and I chatting before the show begins. Vince Henderson and Mike Tucker got there early, as did Jason Atomic. I still had the titles to stick on the wall with minutes to go before it all began - yikes!
With Sophie, Nick Setchfield and Sally Browne
Posing for Sin Bozkurt
Vikki Liogier, Peter Hogan and Jason Atomic
Sylvester McCoy reads the exhibition intro
Strictly Kev with Leigh Morrison and Craig Robertson
David Hine and Rian Hughes look on as Rich Johnston surreptitiously films Sophie's speech with his iPad
There's Nina Gan who did Sophie's make-up for most of the portraits
Sophie speaks
Young Romance!
Orbital's Jimmy Danzig, Chris 'Geronimo' Thompson and Jason Atomic with roaring Tom Gunning in the background
With L-R Doctor Who magazine's Richard Atkinson, Nina Gan and friend

Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston with his trusty iPad!

 Below: Photographs by Sin Bozkurt

Great shot of Sophie by Sin
Sophie and Sylvester

Nick Setchfield of SFX magazine and Sally Browne
Sophie chats to Tim Dry, the man who played J'Quille in Star Wars VI and........... XTRO!
Michelle gets the shots 

Tim Dry with Jonathan Ross of Gallery 286
um... this is starting to feel like HELLO magazine!
Rufus Dayglo and Garry Leach chatting to Orbital's Camilla
Daleks and Ace Are Back!  Radio Times, Welsh edition, April 1966.

With special thanks to: Michelle Amir, Nina Gan, Leigh Morrison, The Orbital Comics Crew, John Tomlinson, Alexander Brattell, Nick Setchfield at SFX, John Freeman at Down the Tubes, Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool, Strictly Kev at DJ, Tom Spilsbury and Richard Atkinson at Doctor Who magazine, Ben Eshmade at Arctic Circle, Andy Oliver at Broken Frontier, Anna Castleton at UAL, Sheila Cranna, Sarah Bailey, Rian Hughes, David Hine, Paul Thomas, Philip Hartstein, David Bishop, Sin Bozkurt, Photo Genesis, Vince Henderson, Sylvester McCoy and of course, Sophie Aldred, for being the most perfect muse.


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