Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ben Eshmade Meets Sophie Aldred

Having already posted a fair few of Ben Eshmade's terrific Arctic Circle and Barbican podcasts on Oranges, I was really pleased when he offered to interview Sophie at the Orbital signing on Saturday. It's just gone up on SoundCloud and below is a shot of Ben and Sophie chatting 'backstage' at Orbital.

From 1991, a shot I took in the mirror, of Sophie with the brilliant Nina Gan, make-up artist extraordinaire!

For more of Ben online, check out his Barbican Film Podcasts. His Contemporary Music Podcasts. And his Arctic Circle.


  1. These posts are making me feel exceptionally old. I remember Sophie playing Ace like it was yesterday but she seems SO much older now :-/

    1. Well, remember it was 26 years ago and we've all aged since 1987, but everyone remarked how fabulous Sophie looked at the opening and I can vouch for that!

    2. 26 years??? *does the maths* I suppose you're right. God, I'm old :)

      That wasn't meant to be disrespectful to Sophie, but more a comment on how young she looks in your photos (probably because she was!)

    3. She certainly was - as was I... sob!

  2. Great interview - there is a real sense of warmth in her words :)


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