Sunday, 4 August 2013

Zenith #11

Design sketch for Grant Morrison & Steve Yeowell’s Zenith by Brendan McCarthy2000AD, 1987.


  1. This is turning out to be a pretty spectacular collection of designs, Steve. Lately, I've been wondering if Warhead was one of Brendan's character designs (he doesn't seem to remember him) - reminds me a bit of V2 Pinhead from Paradax, anyway.

  2. "Pretty spectacular" is an understatement! These are dynamite! Thanks for putting these up Steve. I got a copy of the review PDF of the upcoming Zenith book and these don't figure in the extras they have in there. There is a rejected design for Warhead in there (which to be honest looks like it's by Grant, even though it's credited to Steve Yeowell) but it looks nothing like the final version. I was under the impression that Brendan was long gone by the time Phase 2 rolled around - but then again some old interviews with Grant and Steve suggest that Brendan wasn't involved with the Cloud 9 designs and yet here they are...

    Can't imagine you've got much more (seriously, how much Brendan McCarthy does £200 get, even back then?!) but please do keep them coming. Great stuff!

    1. A couple more, but Review PDF! I wouldn't mind one of those...


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