Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Old Ways . . . #2

I was just watching this video (below) on William Orbit World and spotted the first logo that I designed for William when he was setting up Guerilla Records and his groove-unit: Bass-O-Matic. I rooted around in my cupboard to see if I still had it and... Yes!

Here it is, along with the original artwork. Trying to recall exactly how I did this is slightly hazy because of the years in between, but if I remember correctly I hand drew the letters in this warped style, then photographed them with my PMT (Photo-Mechanical Transfer) machine. Now that they were on photographic paper, I went round them all with a scalpel, carefully peeling off the top layer of paper. It was easier to get accurate curves and lines (for me, anyway) than it was to draw them. Once this had been done, I photographed it again and everything looked Hunky-dory and ready for repro!

There may well have been a quicker way of doing this, but sometimes it was easier to just get on with it, rather than fax things off for typesetting, hoping they could even warp it this way and wait for them to be delivered by courier a day or so later. How unbelievably easy this would be now using my trusty Mac...... sigh!   (click for large).



  1. amazing, love stuff like this, more please :) will have to show me this next time I'm round

    1. Thanks, Kev - Sure!, there's a whole drawer full of this 'analog' stuff!


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