Monday, 8 July 2013

The Old Ways . . .

Having rediscovered the photo of Audrey Wong yesterday, I also unearthed the original paste-up artwork for the 'Tharg's Future Shop' that it appeared in. Here it is in all its sliced, letra-lined and burnished glory (click for large). It's strange to think back and remember just how long a simple half-page advertisement would take to assemble, compared to these days of InDesign. I remember working at an ad agency back in '81 and spending an hour with my colleagues looking for the word 'construction' that had fallen off and delayed the artwork from going to press. It was eventually found stuck to the sole of someone's shoe!


  1. I presume you used wax instead of art cement or it would have all turned yellow and fallen off by now...?

    1. No, this one was definitely spray mount (horrible stuff). I think it depends how it's been stored.


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