Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lulu Romanov - Censored!

The 'censored' published version
These illustrations of Lulu and Nikolai by Simon Fraser were previously featured on Robbie Morrison's website as an exclusive and as Robbie explains, "The opening page to Nikolai Dante: Cadre Infernale is possibly the only time in the series' run that the 2000AD editorial team insisted upon certain amendments to the artwork. It's open to debate whether the required changes toned down the image or made it worse." 

The original

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  1. The rationale behind this example of censorship escapes me for the moment, it even took me a while to spot it cos I was expecting something concerning the female figure. I have some experience of the censor and one tactic I would employ to waylay their intentions was to give them something I knew they'd cut, makes 'em feel useful. Maybe that might go some way to explaining what happened in this case, you know: "...well how about if I replace the gag?"


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