Saturday, 29 June 2013

Jailbreak At Glasshouse G!

Today's classic 2000AD production art is for Prog #253, 27th February, 1982.
Cover by Colin Wilson. Click this 2000AD Production Art link for more classic covers.

UPDATE: I was unsure about the colouring on this one so 2000AD aficionado David Rees very kindly emailed Colin to ask if it was indeed his own colouring and this was his reply:

I've been following the Secret Oranges blog on a regular basis, and so I did see my old Rogue cover suddenly appear. Good scan of it too, much better than the one I had..... the colours are a lot brighter and cleaner. But nope, I have no idea who did the colouring on that, as back in the day no-one bothered to ask us artists about that sorta thing. We just drew the bloody things, and only ever saw the finished covers when the Progs came out!

I was never really all that happy with any of my covers for 2000AD from that period. I didn't do all that many anyway, and the printing was always a bit of a worry and I was always longing to get the chance of having something printed "like the printing they used in France"! There were always constraints about the content required etc....... I really loved some of those classic 'caption' covers in those day, but I never used to get any of the really good ones to actually draw. It was just the start of a very long-term bad relationship with "cover problems" which, for me, continues to this day. Once upon a time I used to fancy myself as a real graphic designer, but by the time i got to France - where they even expected the bloody things to be painted! - I had completely lost all confidence and I've never been really happy with any of them. 

Such is life....


Thank you both!


  1. I’ve always loved Colin Wilson’s work but, surprising, seeing this cover here makes it one of my favourites from all those you’ve shown so far, Steve. I think it’s the amount of contrast between the exterior and interior parts of the scene, together with the generally glorious colours and the amount of work that seems to have gone into colouring the background. All in all, simply beautiful!

    1. Yes! I have a feeling these colours are Colin's rather than Tom Frame's, which is why I haven't put a colour credit. Still can't be sure though.

  2. I not sure how they did these colour jobbies, looks a bit a like inks over a PMT, if that's the case this a bloody heroic colour job with those blue and yellow gradients.

    1. No, it's not a pmt, it's actually card with a blue line printing of the line work. The black line is on an acetate overlay.

    2. So that means you got a good reproduction of the line work too, nice.


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