Thursday, 30 May 2013

The House of Kane!

As promised, a few photos from Monday's Bank holiday visit to Shaky Kane's Wishbone Studio

Above: Dalek I Love You! Shaky still finds time to relax from his gruelling art schedules.
Below: A rather well organised drawing desk reveals newly commissioned interpretations of classic Marvel characters that Shaky has recently been drawing.

Quality Control: Studio operative casts a beady eye over the computer colouring for Cowboys and Insects; the new classic from Hine and Kane, soon to be aired online in David Lloyd's Aces Weekly.

Below: An exclusive look at one of the panels from the strip itself.

Hanging above the desk: Shelves sporting the sort of items that Shaky draws his inspiration from.

Below: Another exclusive from Cowboys and Insects.

Erm... The refrigerator and a mainly vegetarian diet.

Maaan, this guy is so TIDY! A selection of Kane reading matter, guarded 24/7 by Wasp Girl.

... and a very bizarre take on the Silver Surfer. (I believe this is one of Kitty Pride's ornaments).

... and last but not least.  It's a Boy!!!


  1. Great spread, Steve. Any idea whether Cowboys and Insects will get a physical print version? Monster Truck and Bulletproof Coffin are among my favourite things, so I'd love to add this one if possible.

    1. Thanks, David.
      I'm sure it's likely, but maybe a bit further down the line... maybe a year or two.
      I'll try and find out.


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