Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Great Mush Rush!

From my cupboard and from 31 years ago, 2000AD Prog #255 - 13th March 1982. Art: Ian Gibson. Colours: Tom Frame. Click on the  link for more.


  1. Hi Steve, I have been following your blog for some time and love seeing stuff like this, much of which I would love to have framed on my wall. How did you come to have so much fantastic 2000ad artwork stashed away in your cupboard? Are there any pieces you really wish you had in your collection? You don't have any Judge Death Lives stuff by any chance?

    1. Hi Michael, No 'Judge Death Lives', I'm afraid. The reason all this stuff is stashed away is because when I worked on the title it was all about to be jettisoned by the guy in the archives and I saved it from certain doom. As crazy as it sounds, I nearly didn't bother because I couldn't be arsed carrying it home on the tube, but I'm glad I made the effort, otherwise it would be rotting in a landfill somewhere and I'd have nothing to blog about!


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