Friday, 17 May 2013

Image Duplicator Begins!

Massive Attack! Whaat? by Dave Gibbons in the entrance to Orbital.

Last night's Image Duplicator show at Orbital Comics in London was an absolute success, in fact I was enjoying myself so much I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would. A big up to Rian Hughes and Jason Atomic for organising such a great show; Mark Blamire for his superb quality prints and Dave Gibbons for taking the stage and signing everything he was presented with. Not forgetting the brilliant hosting capabilities of the Orbital Comics Crew.

Rian Hughes and Jason Atomic do their finest 'Ren & Stimpy' during the preparations.

Orbital's main man Karl Asaa being ironic!
Garry Leach turns up at the eleventh hour with his humongously brilliant Plop Art piece... still wet!
Dave Gibbons signing a massive pile of his Whaat? prints.
Michelle Amir's stylish 3D contribution parks itself next to her framed photograph.
Dave Gibbons still signing a massive pile of his Whaat? prints.
Coordinated fashion.
Image Duplicators Assembled!

Left to Right: Exhibitors, Robin Barnard, Dave Gibbons, Karen Rubins, Garry Leach, Mark Stafford, Mark Blamire, Jason Atomic, Rian Hughes, David Leach, Fufu Frauenwahl, Strictly Kev, Michelle Amir, Loz Atkinson, Graeme Ross and er... me, taking the photo.
That's Rian's Copy.

For more photo's, check out fellow contributor, Strictly Kev's superb blog here. Or Rich Johnston's Bleeding Cool article, right here.

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