Saturday, 23 March 2013

The Seven Samurai

Today's find in the 'Oranges' cupboard; 2000AD production art for page 24, Prog #454 - 25th January, 1986. Judge Dredd - 'The Warlord' (part 4). 
Script: John Wagner and Alan Grant. Art: Cam Kennedy. Letters: Tom Frame.


  1. Cam brings such a weight and solidity to the more fanciful stuff he illustrates that even when his images tend toward abstraction, the strength of his composition holds everything together beautifully. Much of what makes that page work so well is the uniformity of the repeated pattern created by the brushstrokes which only indicate the armour, and the stark lines and kinetic sweep of Shojan's kimono, which trail off into the negative space which actually makes up more than half of what appears to be a bustling and detailed page.

    I don't think any other artist in the history of 2000ad has such an innate understanding of how the simple placement of lines on a flat page creates dynamic, three dimensional, moving images in the mind of the reader. I've just spent about ten minutes letting the artful construction of that image bounce my eye around the page and marveling at how the quality which makes one figure or texture work is entirely dependent on its relation to another part of the picture for its effect. That's not just great comic art, that's great art - thanks very much for posting, Steve.

    1. You're very welcome. Fantastic comment - Thanks for that!


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