Thursday, 21 March 2013

Heads Up!

Not content with just one blog, Mr David Hine has a new one to accompany his Waiting For Trade. This time it's right here on Tumblr where you'll find interesting stuff like this!

“Flight Into Fear!” by Wally Wood from Tower of Shadows #5, Marvel Comics - May 1970

While I'm in a plugging, heads-up mode, a short while ago I posted some art by Ryan Jenkins who also happens to work in the wonderful world of Orbital Comics. While I was there yesterday he handed me a flyer for a project he's put up on Kickstarter and this is the premise: 2052 is a new one shot comic by Architecture student Paul Sohi, and Artist Ryan Jenkyns, culminating from 2 years of design and research work into producing vertical towns and communities, self contained micro villages and that can work and function as stand alone nodes, or part of a larger global polemic. The comic will be published as a means to convey the design work, as well as tell a compelling story, with great art to boot!

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