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Calling All Artists!

Trained Image Duplicator operatives, Jason Atomic and Rian Hughes - awaiting your response!


You may have heard the buzz about the Orbital Comics upcoming Image Duplicator show, so I thought it was high time I posted about it here. With the Lichtenstein exhibition currently showing at the Tate, Rian Hughes came up with an idea to celebrate the original creators and images that inspired his world-famous pop art, by inviting artists to create their own work inspired by the same original comic panels. With thanks to Jason Atomic, the show's organiser and Karl Asaa and Chris Thompson at Orbital, here's some information on what it is… First of all, Image Duplicator is not anti-Lichtenstein. While each contributor has their own ideas and thoughts about Lichtenstein’s work, the main focus is to shine a light on the original artists and their work. You can read more about the philosophy behind Image Duplicator in this great article over at The Beat!

You can follow the latest developments on the exhibition and the growing list of contributors on the group’s Facebook page. And if that’s not enough, you can read more about Lichtenstein and his work in this well researched piece by Paul Gravett. Image Duplicator is shaping up to be quite a special show, so stay tuned here and the Orbital site for further details, which include a debate on Lichtenstein’s work with some very special guests!

Here are some of the submissions so far, and a few facts about the show from Rian.

Dave Gibbons

What you need to know:

WHERE: A show at the Orbital Gallery, 8 Great Newport St, London, WC2H 7JA

WHEN: May 16th-31st, - a week pre and post the end of the Tate's Lichtenstein show, with a possibility of extending it for another week after.

Carl Flint

Pop artist Roy Lichtensein currently has a show on at the Tate. While the public is intimately familiar with his work, what they may be unaware of is how closely many of his images were "appropriated" from comic artists like Irv Novick, Russ Heath, Jack Kirby, John Romita and Joe Kubert, who received no fee or credit.

Is this an act of brilliant recontexturalisation? The elevation of commercial "low" art to "high" art? Art world snobbery? Artistic licence? Cultural annexation? Gallery shortsightedness? Or something else?

This show is a chance for real comic-book artists (and other "commercial artists" - illustrators, designers etc) to ask these kinds of questions and share their views, via their work.

Mitch O'Connell

Every interested comic artist (or illustrator, graphic designer or other "commercial artist") should "re-reappropriate" one of the comic images Lichtenstein used, and rework it, using some of their 'commercial art' drawing skills, to warp and twist it into something interesting and original, and in the process to comment on this type of appropriation.

The IMPORTANT thing to stress is that you'd be going back to the source material and re-reappropriating Coletta, Novick, Kirby et al - NOT copying Lichtenstein, as we don't want copyright issues from the Lichtenstein estate.

Take Back the Art!

Betty Boolean

Choose your images here, at this handy "compare and contrast" site: "DECONSTRUCTING ROY LICHTENSTEIN" 

Please give credit to the original artist: "Artist Name after Irv Novick", for example. See this as a celebratory, positive show which aims to get the point across that the original artists deserve credit and respect.

Al Davison

6 April to allow for designing and printing the catalogue. Entries submitted after this deadline may not be included in this catalogue. We want your absolute best work! The judges decision is final.

Shaky Kane
As Orbital Gallery is small, please keep sizes under A1 (or even A2), though not necessarily those proportions - a square image is fine, for example. For digital work that will be output as a print, the final file size should be 300dpi at your chosen dimensions. Lo-res images can be uploaded to the IMAGE DUPLICATOR page - high-res images will be needed by the deadline. A drop-box to upload these to will be set up nearer the time, and the details given here.

Mark Blamire

As suggested by Dave Gibbons, money raised from selling prints or originals will be donated to the Hero Initiative, which helps down-on-their-luck comics veterans: Again, a nice way to Give Back the Art.

Rian Hughes and Jason Atomic

Rian Hughes
And lastly for now, my own submission which is also my third John Romita homage after 'Face it, Tiger!' and the 'Black Widow' for the Stripped exhibition

Steve Cook

 UPDATE  More submissions here.


Your comments are very welcome!

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