Sunday, 24 February 2013

Boo Does Anderson . . .

... and a great deal more! 

I bumped into Boo Cook last night at a London Super Comic Convention gathering. I hadn't seen him for a while and as we were talking about blogging I realised that for some bizarre reason, he wasn't on my Oranges blog links. Why, I've got no idea, because his work is brilliant and he has two sites online. The fabulously titled All Tomorrow's Particles, which has now become his archives and his more recent Tumblr blog, The Boo Cook Artpipe. Boo started working for 2000AD about a year before I left. His work was great then, but it keeps getting better, and now contains more Thrill-Power than most people can handle. If you're not familiar with his work for 2000AD, you may have seen his work on the Richard Starkings Elephantmen series for Image or his covers for Marvel. These two spectacular pieces are from his work on Anderson Psi Division. Beneath these are two from Elephantmen, plus a short but very nicely produced YouTube profile by Ric Blow.

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