Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Long, Long Arm Of The Law!

Today's 2000AD production art is for Prog #465, 12th April, 1986. Cover art by Cam Kennedy. Colours by Tom Frame. Click the 2000AD Production Art label for more classic covers.


  1. Wow. That's a truly lovely cover... I love Cam's art; during this period he delivered an incredible amount of top-notch work and more than a few Classic stories. For a short-ish story, The Warlord got a lot of cover action (five episodes, three covers) which says something.

    I have one of the originals, thanks to Cam, and I live in hope that it'll pop up on your blog sooner or later:

  2. Cam had a really strong run on Dredd in the mid-80's, can't help feeling he's a bit underappreciated. Great mix of rock solid anatomy and slightly cartoony exaggeration.


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