Tuesday, 15 January 2013

The Digital Cupboard: Sláine by Biz

At the weekend, I began the unenviable task of re-archiving all of my digital back-ups to prevent any possibility of Bit rot (Wikipedia describes it as: "bit decay, data rot, or data decay, is a colloquial computing term for the gradual decay of storage media"). Many of these CD's have survived years of storage and date back to my studio in the 90's. At that time most of the week was spent in the 2000AD command module working on the weekly title, but on other days I'd design some of the related titles in my own studio, using low resolution scans of the artwork as positionals. What I discovered at the weekend were some of these old scans. I'll post a selection of them, so that you can see the art in it's full glory without being obscured by cover lines. First up - Sláine by Simon Bisley.


  1. Replies
    1. Hey! How're you doing? Still got those pointy shoes I see!

  2. its a lovely painting, but surely that no the original background, it looks like the old landscape program "Brice"?

    1. KPT Bryce. I remember it well! You have a good point though, I'll give you that.


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