Monday, 24 December 2012

Moonrise Kingdom

I took this shot the night before major storms hit the south-west of England

Daily posts have been going up on automatic for the past week as I've been away on an internet-free vacation with Michelle and my brother, Martin and staying on a Lighthouse on the Cornish coast. This was partly Inspired by my uncle Arthur, a Lighthouse keeper, who worked on most of the lights of the British Isles during his lifetime and was one of the last of his kind before the lights became fully automated in the eighties. He was the best uncle to have as a kid and would tell the most incredible stories. He'd be stuck out in the ocean for two months at a time, with a month on land in between, though sometimes if the weather was really bad he'd be there for much longer as there was no way of retrieving him or his fellow keepers. Just how bad the weather can be, we experienced first hand as serious rainfall and major flooding in the region made the news. After a horrendous 12 hour journey, we made it back in time for Christmas, but only just! Below is a Polaroid I took of Keeper Robertson on leave and back on dry land in the 1970's.

The Lighthouse itself. The foghorn was an added bonus to our vacation!

Keeper Arthur 'Robbie' Robertson in 1975

'Trouble with Lichen'. I found this beautiful specimen on an old and weathered British telephone box
The Cornish coast just before the storm.
Another Moon shot. Just... because

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