Saturday, 1 December 2012

Alien Investigations

Looks interesting... Tomorrow on Channel 4. An examination of four supposed alien sightings from the last five years. The blurb says "Alien Investigations examines four of the most bizarre 'alien sightings' from the last five years to discover whether these really are visitors from other worlds.

On a small ranch in the Mexican town of Metepec, a mysterious 'baby alien' was discovered in 2007 in a rat trap. Its bizarre appearance and the sound it was making were said to be 'unlike anything of this world'. Reports on the internet claim that the Metepec Creature's body has an unknown structure and contains human DNA deep inside its cells.

Alien Investigations gains unrivalled access to the creature's body, and using cutting edge science, advanced scanning technology and DNA testing, seeks to finally resolve this five-year-old mystery."

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