Saturday, 3 November 2012

Return To Armageddon

Today's vintage 2000AD production art from the cupboard is for Prog #203, 14th March, 1981. Cover art by Jesus Redondo. Colours by Tom Frame. Click on the 2000AD Production Art label below for more classic covers.


  1. That was a fantastically odd story, wasn't it? Turning the standardly handsome hero into an unspeakable mess felt like a very 2000ad thing to do, but I could never figure out the joke behind naming him after the US equivalent of British Rail. Conversely, I always assumed the artist's name was some kind of blasphemous joke, especially since all the best visuals belonged to the series's devilish villain.

  2. Redondo's one of those artists that I really didn't appreciate as a kid, but now love to bits. Maybe his art was a bit too 'European' for me to appreciate properly, although Belardinelli and Ezquerra have always been among my favourites. More likely it was just some kind of internal ranking I developed, and it was never going to be easy to compete with Bolland, O'Neill or McMahon. Anyway, hopefully Return to Armageddon will finally get a reprint one of these days; a bit of a classic, and I have a rather nice page from it:

  3. Jesus Redondo and Return to Armageddon were mainly responsible for me sticking with 2000ad, as they were running when I first started buying it.


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