Saturday, 17 November 2012

PLAYBOY'S Doug Sneyd Draws Manko

Last night I attended the fully subscribed Life Drawing Masterclass with the Legendary Doug Sneyd of Playboy magazine fame. Doug has been working for Hugh Hefner for 5 decades and currently has a book out that I mentioned on my previous post. The concentration and the silence as everybody sketched Manko, their resplendent subject, made for a very relaxed and pleasant evening with Orbital Comics being superb hosts as usual. Doug had some interesting tales to tell and will have a chance to divulge even more when he gets into conversation with Jason Atomic at another Orbital event next Friday. Meanwhile, here are a few of the photos that I took last night. Doug has his own blog here.

Let's face it... Doug has a pretty good vocation.

Doug drawing; a joy to watch and not an eraser in sight.

Group shot for Doug and Manko with a few of the artists and the end of a very enjoyable evening.

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