Sunday, 18 November 2012

ADAMSKI - Numb Generation - Check it!

A couple of years ago Adamski sent me an mp3 'mixtape' he called This is Neo-Waltz and it blew my socks off. He's still at it and he's pulled in some great collaborators too, namely Viktoria ModestaMickey LightfootDavid McAlmont and Bishi. His blog describes his project thus: Neo-Waltz is Adamski’s 21st century update of the style of music known as the waltz. Originally thought of as an indecent dance in 18th century England, Waltzing originally became popular inVienna in the 1780s and quickly spread throughout Europe as the most popular form of dance. Waltzing is a twirling dance in ¾ time performed in close proximity by couples. Bored of seeing clubbers dancing alone all these years, Adamski has put a modern twist on the dance in a bid to get people dancing together. Anyway, take a look/listen for yourself. This is Neo-Waltz!

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