Wednesday, 17 October 2012

VVITCH featuring MANKO

Just in the nick of time, my two pieces for the Orbital Halloween themed exhibition, featuring a particularly Magickal Manko. The letters were sampled from an old medieval manuscript that used two V's as a precursor to the letter W. 

Opening tomorrow: Jason Atomic & Garry Leach present MAGICK EYE 2: A salacious slice of Halloween Cheesecake and Horror at the Orbital Comics Gallery, 8 Great Newport Street, London WC2H 7JA. Oct 18th - Nov 18th. Featuring work by: Junko Mizuno, Rockin’ JellyBean, Rufus Dayglo, Graham Humphreys, Gaye Black, Shaky Kane, Dennis Franklin, Tom Spencer, Billy Chainsaw, Carl Stimpson, Matt Valentine, Steve Cook, Jason Atomic, Garry Leach, Rian Hughes, Ellen Rogers, Una Fricker, Will Simpson, Garry Erskine, Steve Pugh, Bill Ward.

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