Saturday, 13 October 2012

SKYFALL: Ben On Bond

As mentioned previously, my lucky neighbour Ben Eshmade got to see the Bond movie two weeks before we can (snarl). This is the short but sweet review he typed out for us on his return...

The first public preview was in the glamorous setting of the Odeon in Leicester Square (where they host the annual Bafta awards). Security was intense with your phone confiscated (like naughty school children) on arrival. Like most people I was frisked within an inch of my life, they even examined my scarf for recording devices! 

So I sat down with 1599 of my closest friends to see this first public preview screening of Skyfall. We were asked very nicely not to reveal major plot lines or the ending. But I think it would be ok to tell you the film features a scorpion, a jellyfish, a tube train and a Turner. 

It was a very very enjoyable 2 hours 20 minutes of high octane Bond-ness. The biggest shock to me was the change of tone from the previous reboots. And the lovely tributes to the past adventures were executed with a smile and a wink. 

Sam Mendes had brought us a very personal Bond story and yet another chapter in this complicated and very English spy story..... 

Ben Eshmade 

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