Sunday, 21 October 2012

New Thrill: Ace Trucking Co.

Today's classic 2000AD production art from the cupboard is for Prog #232, 3rd October, 1981 and the very first episode and appearance for Ace Trucking Co. Cover art by Massimo Belardinelli. Click on the 2000AD Production Art label below for more classic covers.


  1. Cheers, Steve. The late Massimo Belardinelli was clearly in his element drawing that strip's combination of weird characters and spaceships. Only Cam Kennedy does better star fields.

  2. 'New thrill' indeed, brilliant stuff! Another classic cover, Steve :-)

  3. Another classic. The original art for this is one of the few covers from this period that I can recall seeing with colour already in place. Might have been ink wash, but I think it was pencil. Either Massimo did this as a colour guide, or an owner's kids got at it with the crayons... (And personally, I think Belardinelli's star fields are even better than Cam's.)

  4. Great cover, always loved Belardinelli's space ships and vehicles, always different to others'.


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