Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tharg & Judge Diggle

(L to R) Matt as Tharg and Andy as Dredd

I just rediscovered these photos from the Autumn of 2000. This was the 2000AD editorial office (Nerve Centre) that Andy Diggle, Matt Smith and I inhabited just after Rebellion bought the comic from Egmont. On gaining entry to the small building in London Bridge, we were confronted with a strange Dickensian looking staircase which led upstairs to an office that looked like it had been refitted in the 1960's and just stayed that way. We had some fun up there; we were pretty much left to our own devices, which meant we could turn the music up as loud as we liked! This was Andy's first year as editor and Matt's first as associate editor. For me, this was the fourth Nerve Centre location and my twelfth year as art editor/designer.

Andy and Matt... another late night in the office
Me and a rather massive Cathode Ray Tube

There's Matt, diligently checking for typo's and a close up of our danger room warning sign.

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  1. The space year 2000 and look at them... still bairns. Just think of all the thrills that lay ahead.


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