Sunday, 2 September 2012

Monkey Business

2000AD production art from Prog #184, 1st November 1980.
Artist: Mike McMahon 
Colours: Tom Frame


  1. I've always had a soft spot for Monkey Business... A classic cover, and looks as fresh as a daisy here. Touches like the dropped banana skin and the Lawmaster's eagle poking out are so much more noticeable here. As always, thanks for sharing Steve. Have you got your copy of the Dredd covers book yet?

    1. I'm told that my Dredd covers book is on its way. Looking forward to seeing it!

    2. I hope you're not as underwhelmed by some of the repro quality for the early covers as I am... A nice book, but could have been an absolute belter with a little more thought. Maybe I've just been spoiled by getting all these glimpses of the contents of your Thrill Cupboard.

    3. I'm still waiting for mine, it seems to have gone astray via the Fringe universe, in which case mine may be better!


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