Monday, 10 September 2012


As promised, here are a few shots from the immaculately well-designed stand of Andrew Martin International at Maison et Objet, in Paris. Here they have successfully utilised the interiors of The Prometheus spaceship from Ridley Scott's recent film to display their latest collection of interiors. Although I was there to photograph the stand and the collection, I took a few shots with this blog in mind, focussing on some of the details and graphics from the spaceship itself.

Here's the Captain of the ship himself, Martin Waller of Andrew Martin International, also responsible for the zany and eclectic selection of Science-Fiction related tracks that were playing throughout the day. I still can't get the Fireball XL5 theme from spinning around in my brain! Play the video link below if you dare...

I managed to get in shot for this one myself. Thanks to Leigh Morrison for pressing the shutter.

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