Friday, 24 August 2012


My friendly neighbourhood neighbour, broadcaster and DJ, Ben Eshmade sent me the link to one of his eclectic mixes and I've been enjoying listening to it while I work, maybe you'd like to listen too. This is what he says:

"Like most people I’ve spent a very long time ripping audio from compact discs on to my computer over the last few decades. I was fortunate in 2002 to start the Chiller Cabinet radio programme on Classic FM (now on Chill) and with this came access to an Aladdin’s Cave of music. The trouble being honest is that with this and now with my Arctic Circle Radio shows (Arctic Circle Radio and on Chill/Resonance FM/Itunes) I don’t listen to everything I get sent in great detail. 

So I’ve come up with the Penguin Shuffle using my media player to generate giant random playlists from the 269 Gigs of mp3 audio. This I carefully reduce down and re-arrange to create a new and interesting hour long musical journey. This can really generate some interesting results bringing along artists I would not normally put together or digging up gems of tracks that I never knew I had."

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  1. Lots more Arctic Circle mixes, live sessions and interviews available here as well:


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