Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Night At The Scala - Mark Moore

Super DJ and fellow FOOMer, Mark Moore just sent me a link to his Soundtrack Mixtape on Mixcloud. He thought I might like it and sure enough, I do! So I'm posting it here for your enjoyment too. This is what he says about it...

Perhaps you need to be a movie fanatic to enjoy this mix. I don't know - you tell me. I actually think all these tracks stand up on their own as listening masterpieces. Even the strange, scary ones. 

Inspired by my teenage nights at The Scala Cinema in Goodge Street where you would end up after the clubs shut. I remember nights coming down from speed unable to take the usual uplifting delights of Pasolini and sipping coffee with Jah Wobble. Watching the mayhem as the Carburton Street Squat rabble came down: Boy George, Marilyn, Steve Strange and Philip Sallon hurling bitchy comments at all the straight boy post-punkers. I saw Throbbing Gristle, 23 Skidoo, Spandau Ballet and Modern Romance play there! I got my movie education there. There's nothing better than watching 'Eraserhead' or 'Female Trouble' with a packed house full of clubland's finest dressed up to the nines. I even wrote a song about the Scala, 'Twinkle (Step Into My Mind)'. 

In loving memory of late night Scala x

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