Saturday, 25 August 2012

29 Minutes

On Thursday afternoon I took a little stroll to the High-Rise hang-out of Manko and Atomic to do a test shoot for a forthcoming collaboration with Manko. The nature of the test was to see what kind of results we'd achieve with film that's been hibernating in my refrigerator for the past 20 years. Because of the random nature of the film, I shot with both analog and digital just in case the film produced blanks. These are the digital results.

As much as I love my digital camera, the reassuring sound of the shutter of my trusty old 35mm Nikon FM was something I hadn't heard for a good many years and I realised then, just how much I'd missed it. Manko gave herself an immaculate make-up job as usual and Jason entrusted us with one of his vintage comics for a prop. As pleased as we were with the digital shots there was something quite appealing about the film results. 118 shots were taken within a 29 minute time-frame and the image below is our favourite from the expired film. More experiments to follow...

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