Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Mash-up #5 - Madonna vs Nancy Sinatra

Madonna vs Nancy Sinatra, Kill Bill & more - The Gang Bang Theory.
Remix by Robin Skouteris & Pat Scott / Video edit by Panos T.


  1. Quentin Tarentino is a saint.

    Recently I saw his film Death Proof and in the
    beginning of the film, Tarentino plays a bar
    owner.Then he offers a strange green alcohol
    to the girls (that make me think of the band
    "The Runaways") and what was my surprise
    to see that they were drinking some "Chartreuse
    Verte" an alcohol made by monks near from where
    i live !!!Here eccept old people nobody drinks it !Like it's made by monks it's good against
    vampires too , i suppose !
    Have a nice day !


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