Sunday, 15 July 2012

The Manko Mannequin™

Always keen to have a bit of Rock'n'Roll Glamour on the blog, here's a post featuring Manko who famously starred as the Black Widow a few months ago and also appeared in a video last year for a band called Massive Ego and their track, 'I Idolize You'. This inspired Michelle, to customise a Harumika Mannequin in the image of Manko for her birthday. The clothes are based on the designs by Charles of London and the wig by Marc Massive. She called it 'I Dollized You' and here are some shots of the fabulous doll and her equally fabulous recipient!


  1. I cried a secret tear of vanity and admiration to Michelle's incredible tallent and attention to detail. Charles of London were coming in their pants at the sight of this beauty, and Marc Massive said " wow how fierce is that, pisses on the Spice Girls dolls, love this xxx". It pisses on MOST dolls, to be fair. BEST EVAH. <3


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