Saturday, 14 July 2012

Britain's No.1 Sci-Fi Hero!

2000AD production art from Prog #178, 20th Sept 1980. Artist: Mike McMahon Colours: Tom Frame
The Tharg looks more like Carlos Ezquerra art to me.


  1. Yes, the Tharg art is indeed by Carlos, i suspect it was just copied from excisting art?

    This is perhaps my all time favourite McMahon Dredd cover, and perhaps one of my all time favourite gifts as well! I can still recall my 12 year old self counting down the days till this was in the shops! Excellant stuff!

  2. Yeah, a great cover for a great Prog (with fantastic McMahon Dredd art on the badge as well). I got this as a birthday present as a kid; I'd started picking up 2000AD regularly shortly after this came out, so my brother helped me on my way to filling in the missing back Progs :-)

  3. I still treasure my free McMahon Dredd badge! there's a cool pic of it over here:


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