Saturday, 21 July 2012

2000 PAD

There was a knock on the door just a few minutes ago by my friendly neighbourhood post lady who handed me a package to sign for. I opened it up and this fell out. It's one of Tharg’s SDCC-exclusive 2000AD Official 35th Anniversary Sketch Book, otherwise known as a Protecting Art Device (or PAD for short). The reason this was sent to me was that waaaay back in November I posted one of my own hand-tinted PMT's of Brendan McCarthy line art for The Best of 2000AD Monthly #49. Keith Richardson at Rebellion thought it would make a good cover for this special book and asked me for a scan. So there it is. Secret Oranges to the rescue! (Thanks for the package, Keith!)


  1. Glad to see Tharg & Co. making good use of your Thrill-Cupboard, Steve. That's a great choice of image for the cover; Classic McCarthy. I've luckily got one of these sketchbooks on the way, although it's a shame they were kept as an SDCC exclusive...

  2. Now that it's been brought to my attention (thanks, Iain!) I should probably mention that the McCarthy Dredd image was first seen as a pin-up on the back page of Prog 327... Barney seems to be missing quite a few credits for Star-scans and the like (at least I know some of Cam's, and now Brendan's, are absent).

  3. Hmmmmmm, I wonder who pointed him in your direction...?


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