Thursday, 28 June 2012

Seduction of the Innocent

As a follow-up to a much earlier post about comics and their anti-drugs stance, here are a couple of interesting anti-drug warnings from the mid-sixties to the early seventies. First up, a panel from: Amazing Spider-Man #97 - June, 1971 "In The Grip Of The Goblin" (click for large)
Story: Stan Lee. Pencils: Gil Kane. Inks: Frank Giacoia. Letters: Sam Rosen. As Marvel Wikia states: This issue was published without the Comic Book Authority Code, due to the fact that the Code did not approve any instance of illegal drug use in comic book publications at the time. Since Stan Lee's story reflected the drug use in negative light, Marvel published the story anyway. Due to the stories popularity, it led to the first revision of the Code.

On the same theme, here's an interesting film from the mid-sixties: The Seduction of the Innocent.


  1. I love the "you live in a jungle of fear" !!!!!
    What will it be now ? I recently heard on T.V
    that in America (Florida I think) guys took
    a strange Ecstasy and instead of being in ecstasy
    one of them eat his room mate in an access of
    crazyness. A kind of" return of the living deads "!
    Sweet Jesus !


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