Friday, 15 June 2012

East London For Ever!

At last!!! A decent cover on Time Out magazine this week, though it seems that this one is for subscribers only. It was a nice surprise when this came through my letterbox because it's one of my favourite shots by David Bailey, though it's a shame about the huge panel in the lower left corner. Anyway, there's a good interview with Bailey himself on this link at Time There's also a competition to win tickets to David Bailey's East End exhibition by uploading a photo, but when I read the terms and conditions it says "All entries and copyright in them automatically become the property of Time Out." I thought, "Not bloody likely!" So I'll post my own East End photo here instead...
East End Kids - Beckton, East London, 1987


  1. i recently saw a little film about David Bailey,
    he was walking in east London and was talking
    about his childhood . I remember that he loved
    to go to the cinema and during a bombing by
    the german (the cinema was bombed )and he was
    remembering that in his souvenirs Hitler was
    the guy that "killed Mickey Mouse " !!!!
    And the camera was following him in the East
    while he was taking (amazing) pictures. So good !

  2. Sounds good. I'd like to see that.

  3. I also forgot to tell you how the kid's picture
    is fascinating, they make me think of Mad Max kids
    surviving in a world of chaos. Their smiles give
    such energy to the picture ! The way they stand make the shape
    of a pyramid and the black and white is perfect.

    1. Thankyou, Soph'
      I'm very happy with this picture. I was with a friend and we were exploring. The kids knew the area well as it was the location for Kubrick's 'Full Metal Jacket'. They were showing us all of the empty bullet shells and agreed to pose for my camera.

  4. A little "sum up" of the David Bailey documentary :
    Google then write : DAVID BAILEY : documentaire sur le photographe,CmC=6280786.html

    (I wrote:" reportage sur David Bailey" and it worked.
    It's in french but images and pictures are amazing.
    He has too a great sense of humor.

    This man deserves a statue !

  5. "All entries and copyright in them automatically become the property of Time Out."

    This seems to be an increasingly frequent condition in the small print that has me responding similarly to's sheer greed on their part.

    1. Yes, they don't need total ownership, just the rights to publish. It's happening everywhere and we shouldn't accept it - at all!


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