Monday, 11 June 2012

Bourne Free

I'm really pleased with this shot I took of Eric Van Lustbader in Paris last week. The art on the wall is by Pauline Gagnon, but more about her later. As well as the launch of his seventh Bourne novel The Bourne Imperative this month, Eric starts a brand new series of Bourne Twitter adventures today on this link. As he says here; "Writing Twitter adventures is a whole new experience for me. For those who don’t know, Twitter gives you 140 characters per Tweet (this includes spaces!), so writing each Tweet is a fascinating experiment in not only new-wave story-telling, but in syntax and contractions as well!" 

In addition to all the novels he's written, Eric also wrote and created the story-boards for the DC Comics graphic novel, Batman: The Last Angel, which he very kindly gave me a copy of the other day. Here's a scan of the fabulous cover art featuring his own unique version of Catwoman!

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