Saturday, 2 June 2012

Bond . . . James Bond

While I'm on the subject of spies, here's a lovely vintage print of Sean Connery from Dr. No and the beautifully graphic title sequence from the film itself by Maurice Binder. I just spotted this clip on the SFX website in a new weekly feature by Nick Setchfield and I'm going to give that a bit of a plug because Nick is an absolute authority on anything to do with James Bond. He's revisiting every film as part of the 50th anniversary and the countdown to Skyfall.

I keep discovering photos that I've taken and completely forgotten about, so I'm going to post 'em as I find them if they're in any way relevant. Here's one of Nick Setchfield himself at The Brighton Comic Expo of 2005 with (left to right) Mark Millar and Rian Hughes and in the middle, Selena from Eaglemoss publishers. Here's the link to Nick's Bond 50 at SFX.

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