Thursday, 21 June 2012

Barbarella on The Telly?

According to The Wrap"Drive" director Nicolas Refn is working with Gaumont International Television on a Barbarella TV series based on the Jean-Claude Forest comic-book character made famous by the 1968 Jane Fonda film of the same name". Sounds like it could be great with Refn's stylistic direction. Thanks to Eric Van Lustbader for the heads up on that one. On the same subject and coincidentally, Nick Setchfield of SFX just sent me the link to the unused Barbarella theme, sung by Jackie Lee of White Horses fame. I mentioned it before, but I'll do it again, Nick is writing a marathon James Bond retrospective on the SFX site and he's already up to Thunderball on this link. Here's the original title sequence to Barbarella, but with Jackie Lee's version of the theme song. She's written an interesting story about how and why it didn't make the final cut on her YouTube channel.


  1. That will be interesting, Barbarella was the first x-rated film I saw, I sneaked in when I was 12 back when it was first released.

  2. Jackie's version is also on the Michel Magne Barbarella Universal France Cinema CD. I'd wondered where it came from, the sleeve notes concentrate on Michel's poor treatment at the hands of Paramount.


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