Friday, 11 May 2012

Valerie Perrine as Supergirl

Playboy does a Superman/Girl homage. August, 1981.


  1. I learnt the other day that the first Playboy's pin-up was Marilyn Monroe.
    Hi from the Alps.

  2. Meh, by then Playboy had lost it. Look at that cover compared to those from the sixties that you've shown...sagging under the weight of a ton of copy.

    Even with the interior design and production, I reckon they started losing it around 1974, when presumably someone decided that they would lose the baby boomer audience if they didn't change their reviews featuring rock (jazz seemed to be as heavy as it got before that), and more material weighted toward the younger end of the reader spectrum (who may well have been a large part of their original audience anyway...but where once the magazine was calling the style shots, in the "this is the lifestyle we think you ought to aspire to" way, it seemed to become a follower instead)


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