Friday, 25 May 2012

Saucer Country

I picked this up from Orbital yesterday; issue #3 of Saucer Country by Paul Cornell and Ryan Kelly. This was another logo that I designed for Vertigo fairly recently and to be honest it wasn't a favourite of mine, but now with a bit of distance I'm far happier with it, especially the little saucers zipping about. After running into Paul Cornell at the Bristol convention a couple of weeks ago, I had a chance to tell him of my own 'encounter', which I'll add the cuttings for right here. Excuse my haircut - it was the seventies!


  1. Hi Steve,
    It's hard to believe but I saw 3 times U.F.O :
    There was one time when i was working as an
    air hostess in a french company called "T.A.T".
    From Lyon to Metz at night, we have been followed
    by sparkling round "things" for about 20 minutes.
    When the captain called me he showed me that it
    wasn't on the radar ! It was on an ATR 42, and
    about 30 people saw it .
    I don't think it was a collective hallucination.
    I forgot to say that there was about 6 "things"
    and after 20 minutes , the things went away quickly.Passengers were asking me what it was !
    Like if i had a clue !
    Have a nice day and i hope you dont think I'm a mytho.

  2. That's fascinating! Why would I think you were a mytho when I've seen them myself? Another time, as kids in the playground we all watched two glowing orange discs descending and circling each other while I was at junior school. Love the word Mytho, though! Never heard that expression before.

  3. I was worried because you don't know me ! The first time I saw an U.F.O , I was looking "Les enfants du Rock"
    on television at night, (1982 or 1983-84 ) all the family was sleeping
    and suddenly my eyes were attracted by the biggest white light ever seen and
    the "thing" had a shape of half of a sphere . It was looking close
    and made absolutely no noise. I saw it for about 5 second and "disapear"
    somewhere.In the morning,i was over-excited to tell my story and my dear
    family made fun of me ! It drove me mad ! I should have enquiry myself
    and go to the police to ask if other people have seen it but i didn't thought of doing it.

  4. And now the last story !
    A few years ago, at night, we were looking T.V with my boyfriend
    and suddenly no more electricity.So, my boyfriend went to the
    window to see if the problem was coming from our house or
    if it was in the area and he called me to come quickly and showed
    me "something" that was flying high and very strangely : up and
    down very quickly then it disapear and electricity came back
    in the area !
    So, you know now all my experiences about U.F.O !
    Enjoy your day , thanks for your very good blog.

  5. Terrific! - Thanks for sharing these!


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