Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Queen of Pinups!

The classic panel from my copy of The Rocketeer graphic novel by the late, great Dave Stevens featuring his homage to Queen of Pinups, Bettie Page. According to Wikipedia, his illustrations of the model renewed the public's interest in her career and on discovering that Page was still alive and living nearby, Stevens became friends with her. He then helped to arrange compensation to her from various publishers for the use of her image and reprints of her glamour and pin-up photos. Below is some archive footage remixed with Madonna's 'Like A Virgin', but sung by the inimitable and aptly named Richard Cheese.

 I'm lucky to have an original Irving Klaw photo of Bettie Page myself and here it is... 

I found this 'remix' on Vimeo. If you're viewing this from the 1950's it's probably not safe for work, but if you're here and now, it's probably okay... just a little spicy. The photo below is actually available to share on Wikimedia but doesn't have any information about the photographer, so that's a bit of a mystery. There's also a pretty comprehensive pictorial chronology of her modelling career online, right here. Just so you know; there are sellers online auctioning 'Original Vintage Photographs of Bettie Page', but that doesn't necessarily mean they were printed in the 1950's. The fact is, that the original Irving Klaw negatives still exist and 4" x 5" originals are still being made from them. You can save yourself from being caught up in an online auction bidding war by checking out the full catalog online at Movie Star News and they're only $2.00 each!

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